Krypa's Game

Most of these drawings have appeared on Alb-Club already. I am a regular at "Bota Shqiptare", a newspaper I feel attached to, and which is published in Rome. Other newspapers have featured my work, some of them even asking for my permission. My hope now is the blog itself will allow for a new reading of the cartoons. Thank you for visiting :) Krypa

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Ladies Exercising

Institutional Panic

For Your Own Safety

What's Up

Their Baby

The Knot

Talk Talk


Round Table

Orbs Terrarum

One Of Those Days...

A Marketplace Solution

Made In Albania

Klein's Quest


Gun Quartet

A Growing Industry

Flagrante Delicto

Face Value

Extended Hand

Evening News

Emmental Eve

The Doctor's Here

Consensual Adagio



Arrivano i buoni

Are You Sure?

Anatomy of Order

Albanian Goth

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

We Live Here

The Walls Between

New York


Multilateral Approach

Mother & Daughter

Mind Control

Fatal Attraction



Dead Weight

Day & Night

Couple Semantics

Art Critic